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CTRL+F1 to Hide the Excel Toolbar using VBA

There are a number of options to solve this problem, the simplest approach we found for this request was the combination of the "SendKeys" function and the Workbook_Activate procedure. Basically we created a routine that would Hide the Toolbar each time the workbook was activated. Then when the workbook was closed or de-activated it would reset the Toolbar to the original state.

Workbook Protection

In this post we will demonstrate the use of Workbook Protection and how it can be used to restrict access to your Spreadsheets. This can be combined with Worksheet Protection for further control access to specific information within your workbooks.

Open a Workbook

The following routine will Open a Workbook and create a reference to it for use in further processing

Extract Workbook Name from Full Filename

If you only have a full filename reference to a workbook the following macro can be used to extract the Workbook name. This can be useful if you want to test if a Workbook is already open before attempting to open it. This is good practice and avoids receiving the standard Excel warning messages if you attempt to open a Workbook that is already open.

How to check a Workbook Exists

This macro will provide a quick and easy way to check that a Workbook exists before you attempt to access it. This can be a problem when trying to open a Workbook from within another Workbook, or a Workbook that is required has been deleted or moved. If you try to access a Workbook that does not exist your macro will fail with the following debug message

Is Workbook Open Function

The following Function has been designed to check if a workbook you are about to open is already open. If it is then it will return TRUE, if not then the Function will return FALSE and your other Macro code should then open the workbook that is required.