How to use the Proper function to re-format Names


The ExcelHelpDesk team received the following request for help….

…..”I have been given an Excel file with 503 contacts, their names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. In order for the sheet to upload into another program that we have, it is necessary for me to parse apart much of the information. In addition, all of the information is in capital letters and I have been asked to only capitalize the first letter of each proper name. This means that I am in the process of retyping 503 lines of information. Is there any quick way to change case in Excel? Thank you so much for your help”……

Excel’s built-in functions can be used to solve this problem and save you many hours to tedious re-typing. The function we will use to solve this problem is the Proper function. Here is the help information for the Proper function.

Proper Function

For this post we will assume that the contact details have been parsed into separate columns like the data below…

Step 1

Now in cell D2 type =PROPER(A2) and press enter. The cell will now contain a properly formatted Name for the contact.

Step 2

Drag and Copy that formula down to the cell D5 and each of the Contact names will be re-formatted

Step 3

Finally to format the address for each of the contacts Drag and Copy the formula across to cell E5. Now the formatting will be completed for each of those cells.

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