How to select Cells in a Worksheet


There are many ways to select cells in a worksheet. In this post we will demonstrate the most commonly used methods to select cells.

Select all Cells

Lets say you want to change the font of all cells in a worksheet. You can achieve this in a number of ways.

Option 1

Use the Select All button in the top left corner of worksheet
select all cells

Option 2

Select a single cell within the worksheet and then use Ctrl + A and all cells will be selected. If the cell selected contains data then the Ctrl + A selects the region containing the data. Pressing Ctrl + A again will select the entire worksheet.

Option 3

Use your mouse to select a single cell and then while holding the left mouse button drag the selection to the bottom right as far as your selection is required.

Select Cells in a Range

Sometimes you just want to select a range of cells. In this case we can use some of the methods described above. As well as some other selection keys to just select the range. If we have a list of information like the following…
select cells in a range

Option 1

Select a cell with the range and then press Ctrl + A, all the cells in the range will be selected including the heading row. You can then re-format the cells or sort them if required.

Option 2

Use your mouse to select the top left cell for the range and then drag the mouse to the bottom right while holding the mouse button.

Option 3

Select the top left cell and hold the Shift + Ctrl keys then press the Right Arrow button making sure the keep the Shift + Ctrl keys held down, finally press the Down Arrow button and the entire range will be selected. Note that this method is very useful with large ranges but only works when there are no non-blank cells in the heading row that is selected.

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