How to Filter Data with Inserted Files


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Problem – Unable to filter the data with embedded files correctly

I’m making an Excel sheet with people that we might hire for our company. We have received three curriculum vitae’s. The thing I want to achieve is that we can pass that curriculum vitae as PDF File into, for example cell, A1. In the attached file you can see that I know how to paste a PDF file into excel but  I can’t lock it into the cell. The problem with this is that when you go and filter the information, all the curriculum vitae’s will stack up on each other.

Hope you can help me out.


When you insert a file into your worksheet, it does not move with the cell by default and does not behave as if it is inside that cell. This can be a problem especially if you want to filter or sort the columns of your data just like in your case. The solution is to simply modify the Object Positioning property of the inserted file.

Step 1 – Format Object

format object


Right click the icon of the file then select Format Object. The Format Object window will be displayed.


Step 2 – Select Move and Size with Cells


Move and size with cells


Go to the Properties tab and you will see the Object positioning options namely:

  • Move and size with cells
  • Move but don’t size with cells
  • Don’t move or size with cells

The descriptions are pretty straightforward. In order to “lock” the file in a cell, you must select Move and size with cells. In this way, when you filter or sort your data, the inserted file will show, hide or move with the cell accordingly.

Do this to all your inserted files and this will accomplish what you want to achieve.




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