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How to Force Users to Enter a Custom Format Using Data...

Microsoft Excel offers various approaches on providing specific formats for user input. We can use formula, data validation, format cells or VBA depending on the complexity of the format. For complex formats such as product ID and email address, we can use VBA and take advantage of the powerful regular expression. But since the requirement is for a formula in this case, using Data Validation feature is sufficient and as effective

How to use Data Validation

Invalid and inconsistent data is one of most common problems in Spreadsheets. If the data supplied is not in the right format or is not entered consistently then any following formula's or calculations will either not work or worse still provide a result that is not correct. Excel provides a built-in Data Validation feature that can be included to any spreadsheet. Data Validation provides error checking and instructions for the user as they enter data to a spreadsheet. In this post we will demonstrate some simple examples of Data Validation on a customer address list.