Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Find Duplicates in Multiple Worksheets

What is the best way to find duplicates in a workbook with over 40 worksheets? This workbook has over 5,000 names separated into different groups (worksheets). We use this list as a basis for invitation lists. We usually have over 100 names duplicated and are trying to find the best way to highlight the duplicates - we have tried many different methods in the past, but none that finds all the dupes.

Change Cell Formats using Ranges and Offset

The following Macro has been designed to read through a range of cells and update the Cell formats for Font, Color, Borders and Background Color. This type of Macro can be really useful in worksheet updates where inserts, updates and deletion of cells can result in a loss of formatting for the worksheet. With this Macro the formats can be re-applied with one command after all the updates are made.