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How to Force Users to Enter a Custom Format Using Data...

Microsoft Excel offers various approaches on providing specific formats for user input. We can use formula, data validation, format cells or VBA depending on the complexity of the format. For complex formats such as product ID and email address, we can use VBA and take advantage of the powerful regular expression. But since the requirement is for a formula in this case, using Data Validation feature is sufficient and as effective

Count Total Number of Deposits by Month

I need a count if function to count cells which returns a date in the current month. We receive deposits on lots, column A is lot no. and Column B is date deposit paid. Refer to the attached sheet - I need formulas for the highlighted yellow cells. Thank you :) What we want basically here is to produce a report that includes the count of the total number of deposits for a particular month. However, the COUNTIF function will not accomplish the result we need. Instead, we will be using the powerful SUMPRODUCT function.


If you are planning to step up your proficiency in Excel, you should learn how to use the look up functions. These functions are commonly used on tables that act like a database. While databases have SQL queries, which is challenging especially for non-programmers, Excel has these simple look up functions and the most widely used are VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and LOOKUP.

Filtering Dates in Multiple Columns

I am in need of a way to filter the information in the attached file. I need to be able to filter the entire sheet to show all row's that have a specified month/year no matter which column the specified month/year is in. This is used for my monthly report to show all after sales activity for each month. For example, at the end of the month I need to be able to filter all activities for the month of May 2014 to show all emails, phone calls, start-ups, acct notify, one year follow ups so I can convert that to PDF and send to the CEO