Sunday, May 9, 2021
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How to find the last used Cell in a Worksheet

There are a number of options to find the Last Used cell in a worksheet. You can use direct worksheet navigation keys to go to the bottom of column or VBA can be used to determine the last used row in a column. In this post we will describe both methods.

Find and FindNext

For this example we have a list of transactions by date for a series of account numbers. We want to calculate the total transactions for each account number into a summary report. As there are a number of transactions for each Account Number we need to use a combination of Find and FindNext to continue searching through the whole range.

Find as a Function

In our previous post on Find and FindNext we saw that in combination they can be used to search through large amounts of data very quickly. In many cases we need to use Find and FindNext on a worksheet. The best way to implement repeatable and automated worksheet based functions is through User Defined Function (UDF). This is just a function written in VBA code that can be used on a worksheet.