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Problem – Multiple To Do List Tabs for different People

Can I add multiple tabs to your To Do List excel spreadsheet to create a to do list for different people that still allows the spreadheet to update? Ie… colors change according to the status of the task? Thank you


Use the Free To Do List Template Spreadsheet

For this request we will update the To Do List Template so that it will allow separate “tabs” for each different person. To start with we need to modify the macro routines inside To  Do List that sort and check if the item is ready for action.

The key routine inside the modules for this workbook is the UpdateToDoList procedure. We have updated this below to now step through every worksheet in the To Do List workbook and if it finds the words “To Do List” in the worksheet name then it will attempt to sort and then check for items that are due.

Sub UpdateToDoList()
'This routine is called to update all aspects of the To Do List

Dim myWorksheet As Worksheet

For Each myWorksheet In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets

'For each worksheet that includes in it's Name "To Do List"
'then re-sort it and check for due items
If InStr(myWorksheet.Name, "To Do List") > 0 Then

Call SortToDoList(myWorksheet)
Call CheckForPastDueItems(myWorksheet)

End If


End Sub

Copy To Do List and rename for each Person

Now that the macro has been updated all we need to do is “copy” the worksheet inside the To Do List and name it accordingly for the person that needs the To Do List. See in the screen shot below we have two (2) To Do List worksheets and then create a 3rd list for another person.

To Do List Multiple People

For access to a copy of the To Do List Template that you can create multiple “tabs” for different people click on the following link and access the file from the Free To Do List page on our website

Go To Free To Do List Download Page

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