Free To Do List Template


If you looking for a To Do List template that really helps you get organised, take a look at this free spreadsheet from XLAutomation one of our Excel Consulting partners. It not only provides a easy to use format for storing your tasks but also has a host of automated features to make the task of staying focused and organised even easier.

Free To Do List Template With a Difference

This To Do List Template looks like many others with tasks, due dates, status, priorities and notes, but a key difference and reason we are sharing it with our website subscribers is the automation that has been included. These include automated refresh, add and delete tasks, custom sorts and formatting.

Extra features….that make this To Do List more than a basic Excel Template


  • Give your To Do List the look and feel you Like by using colour combinations that suit you.
  • Customise your Categories by adding more relevant names used in your list to organise your tasks and filter to focus on specific types of tasks. Delete categories not needed and add or update as your list changes.
  • Change your Status & Priority names from the default titles in the drop-down lists to ones that make sense to you.
  • How do you like to sort your To Do List? it’s up to you. You can stick with the default sort order, or head to the configuration option on the menu to sort the list in your desired order.
  • When do you like to be warned about task due dates? the custom formats for tasks approaching due dates, or tasks overdue are set to 5 days. These can be easily customised to when you would like to be notified.


  • The Refresh button automatically re-sorts your list including all formatting changes to ensure your most important items are displayed at the top of the list ready for action.
  • Formatting and functions automatically maintained when you add new tasks rows or delete existing.

User Friendly

  • Drop-down lists mean no need to enter the same information over and over. Save time using the drop-down lists to add similar details for tasks.
  • Pop-up menu’s make navigation quick and easy. Simply click on the action button you want to take.

Take a sneak peek below to see it in action…

Download your Free To Do List Template Now